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DT0828/4BX Shelf No.0828/4with wheels

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DT0828/4BX Shelf No.0828/4with wheels Shelf Duytan Plastic Duytan



Type: Home Furniture, Kitchen Shelf                                                                      

Material:   Plastic
Plactic Type: PP

Folded: Yes

Easy Assemble

Appearance: Modern

Place of origin: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Brand name:  Duytan Matsu                                                           

Model Number:   DT0828/4BX
Red, Blue, Green

Size: 63.5 x 40 x 105 CM
Logo: Duytan Plactic               
Usage: Kitchen Shelf
, Suitable for kitchen


Model Products Name PCS Size Color Code
DT0828/4BX 4 Tier Shelf With Wheels
5PCS 63.5 x 40 x 105 CM Red, Blue, Green 8935007710428

Product Description

- Made in PP plastic wgich is safe to use and it is tough and durable.
- Used to store items, such as food, soy sauce bottles, cups bowls, oil bottle.

- Shelf brings clean, beautiful and tidy kitchen.
- Kitchen shelf with harmonious and convenient design for easy assembly, use and clean.
- The kitchen shelves are in 4 tiers and its come with 4 wheels for easy moving


Kitchen Shelf

Kitchen shelf is considered to be an amazing furniture idea that you can add into the kitchen of your new or existing home. The trend of adding kitchen shelf in the homes is gaining huge popularity, especially in all the small homes and apartments where storing utensils and other belongings become a big problem. Kitchen shelf make way for a lot of storage space and hence you can easily store all your important utensils, cutlery, and jars without much hassle. By using kitchen shelf, it will help you to increased storage option, make your kitchen looked more tidy, open and spacious, less accumulation of dust and grime and easy to organize your kitchen. This kitchen shelf come with 4 tiers to allow you for storing more items on it and it come with 4 wheels for easy moving. It is made in PP plastic material which is safe for use, beside is it tough and durable to use. 

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